March 31st, 2006

Jon for Prez!


Are we really at a crisis point? Methinks no, but it is an interesting political situation in DC now. Conservative republicans, probably concerned for their electoral chances this year are whipping up their base to make sure they can make up the difference of independents giving up on their sorry asses. Kinda like the bogus "War on Christmas" hoopla. It gets my fundie relatives' panties in a twist and therefore more likely to vote against the secular hoards. Aiyee!

Tom Tancredo (CO-R) is leading the conservative charge. The below is from Salon's War Room.
Tancredo's main concern about illegal immigration is not economic. He worries about the threat undocumented Hispanics pose to the cultural purity of the United States. As he explained to me last year, "You have to understand there is a bigger issue here. Who are we? Do we have an understanding of what it means to be an American, even if we are Hispanic or Italian or Jewish or black or white or Hungarian by ancestry? Is there something we can all hang on to? Are there things that will bind us together as Americans?"

Binah note: Anybody who spouts "cultural purity" in regards to America is crazy-go-nuts, imho.

And yet, Bush an other more moderate republicans aren't willing to ride that crazy train. So we have a divided republican party while the democrats kinda snigger in the corner 'cause this was clearly not the republican plan to victory in 2006.

But beyond amusing partisan hijinks, I'm not sure what's to be done, if anything. I think Tancredo is a wingnut. The House bill that proposes to make offers of non-emergency aid to illegal aliens a felony seems a bit much. But will we really gain from a Guest Worker program?

Fareed Zakaria made an amusing comment on TDS on the matter. He was surprised that the conservatives were looking to the FRENCH for a model when "we've done immigration much better than Europe". He continued that we assimilate our immigrants much better which is why our cars are not burning in the street.

I imagine not much will come of this hoopla this time around. Not sure if much should. I'm beginning to wonder why I even made this post. Ah well, for posterity.