April 24th, 2006

corn-mmm by binah1013

Weekend Doings

I think I must have been a bit under the weather over the weekend. Nothing dramatic like hacking up a lung, but a lethargy that insured I was a napping gal. After sleeping in on Saturday, I took a 4-hour nap. On Sunday, I woke up early, but took a mid-morning nap and then took a late afternoon nap.

Though on Sunday, I did make a beef stew between naps. I've made leftover thanksgiving turkey stew before, but this was my first beef stew. It came out quite nicely. I also made some rice and ladled the stew on top. Good stuff. Cliff agreed.

As is my wont, I consulted no less than 5 beef stew recipes. My computer is in the kitchen, so it's convenient to have a few tabs open with various recipes and cherry pick the things I like of each. I think with stews, as long as the important procedural elements happen, you can't mess it up too badly.

While stewing, Cliff and I played Age of Empires III with cheats. I think we need to bump up a level if we're going to continue to play as a team with the cheats. If we get in over our heads, we can always conjure up a monster truck to decimate the enemies! Heh.

Sigh, I'm still feeling yesterday's lethargy. I so could take a nap right now.