May 1st, 2006

Joanie by binah1013

Icon post

Normally, I just make the occasional icon for myself. Of my 75 icons, I've made about 1/3 of them. I've never been terribly inspired to make a series of icons for any show.

I made the below icons last Thursday and have posted them to topmodel_icons. First time posting to an icon group! Whoo-hoo! ;D I also posted them to FORT and now 4 of them are in circulation there. I have to admit it's kinda cool to see other people using the icons I made.

I was playing around with Joanie's close-up mermaid shot and decided to try to make an icon. Then I decided to apply the same technique for the rest of the girls' close-ups.

I made this on request from deepinblue who wanted to see Brooke in the same icon style.

I held off posting them in my personal journal for spoiler reasons, but the spoiler virgin I was protecting has seen the last episode, so ta da!