May 5th, 2006

Bugs - stop steaming up my tail!


I swear it's too early to be starting in on the ibuprofen already, but my brain is beginning to ache. Usually, I end up taking some ibuprofen around 3-4pm when I first start noticing my brain is physically unhappy. I'm not necessarily one to pop pills at the slightest provacation, but I know if I don't head the headache off at the pass, rush hour traffic will compound the headache into something horrendous.

But 11:30am? That's a bit early, not to mention it'll wear off and I may need to take more at 4pm. Best case scenario is that I take some now, and the incipient headache does not return in the afternoon. TGIF.
FSM by Binah


Photobucket is pissing me off. They've been down FREQUENTLY over the last week.

Fie on thee, Photobucket!
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