May 22nd, 2006

Doctor & Rose by triptochinatown

Monday, Monday

This is a very boring Monday. Laws yes.
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[fanfic whine]: I want more ST:ENT fanfic of my particular ship preference. I helped spawn a successful fanfic 3rd POV challenge and nobody wrote the story I wanted! *grump* I wanted a fic where Archer first figures out that Trip/T'Pol are together. But alas, everything but. Even an entertaining story from the POV of the Enterprise herself, but not the one story I wanted. There was an Archer story, but it had no "Ohhhh" moment, which was kinda part of the challenge. [/fanfic whine]

I need to find a new fanfic outlet, methinks. It might require picking up a new show, though. I did read a well done Doctor Who fanfic (Doctor/Rose) that I liked, but I fear that the average talent would butcher the concept. Besides, companions come and go. Eventually Rose will be on her way, like it or not. And lame as I may be, I'm ever so fond of a happily ever after (or as close as the particular couple can get). Happily for the next 6 months kinda sucks.

I guess this upcoming TV season, I'll have to try to pick something to watch. Not that all shows make me want fanfic. I couldn't get into Buffyverse fanfic for the most part. The only fanfic that I looked up was Wesley/Illyria, and even I know that's whack. Didn't find much either. Sigh.