June 6th, 2006

Hey I'm doing the news here

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How glad am I that The Daily Show is back from vacation?


Oy vey, it's been too long. I need comments like "The Statue of Liberty is classified as a giant green water whore!" in my life. I just do. And, I so want a screenshot of "Omaha Bin Laden". If anything screams icon, it was that scene. And Jon laughing that the poster made Bin Laden look like a Hasidic Jew. Ahhhh...Jon is back! Whoowhee!

Plus? Here's the equation for getting terrorism grant dollars!

Total population of city ÷ m² x Baptists/synagogues ÷ √number of waffle houses/swimming holes x ratio of guns to Spanish language radio stations x 0 + if where you live voted for Bush

I don't always catch The Colbert Report, but it was pretty damned funny. A hundred eps already, huh? Yay them.