June 19th, 2006

Bugs - stop steaming up my tail!

Ugh, It's Monday :(

This morning my alarm went off and my brain forgot it was Monday. I cursed and made some comment about how I thought I made sure the alarm was off. I turned off the alarm and realized, "Oh hell, it IS Monday and I just killed my snoozing options!"

Not a great start to the day. I went in the kitchen and started munching on some doughnut holes while reading the news. Then I started feeling nauseous. Twenty minutes later the breakfast exited. Yuck.

Then I thought, can I call in sick? What do I have to do today? I grimly realized there were a couple of things I needed to finish up, so yes, I had to make the drive into work. I've done one of the required things. Maybe if I can accomplish the second in a reasonable amount of time, I'll go home.

I so don't want to be here today.