August 22nd, 2006

Doctor & Rose by triptochinatown


A fanfic summary (or should that be summery?) I read today...

"Ok so I decided to wright a sequel. In this story, while on the planet Ruffielionisans, the Doctor and Rose get separated, what else is new. Rose comes across monkeys, that give her chills of a lifetime. Meanwhile, the Doctor meets up with an old friend, to bad he doesn’t believe it really is the Doctor. And on top of that, the Doctor is starting to loose control of his goodness and badness. Can the Doctor get back to Rose and not loose his power over goodness, can Rose survive her fear of monkeys, and who is this familiar women who saves Rose? Well I’ve told you people before, if you want to find out, read the stinken book! No doy!"

The last chapter is the "Epiloge". And it would be best not to discuss the "gun insident" of chapter 3.