August 29th, 2006

FSM by Binah

It's Tuesday

I love my cordless mouse and keyboard at work. I really do. However, life kinda sucks when you forget to put the mouse in the charger at least every other day. I knew there would be trouble when I walked in on Monday and noticed the mouse wasn't in the charger. Luckily putting the mouse on the charger for only a little while gets me mouse time, but the mouse can still die on you at any moment.

So, I was a good girl and put the mouse in the charger at the end of Monday, right? Oh hell no. Life would have been too simple. Too good. And god never likes that. Not that I actually believe in a specific god, but it's a Murphy's Law kinda thing. And I do believe in Murphy's Law. The man was a bit of an optimist, but generally had the right idea about things.

I haven't been writing here much lately 'cause I've had much trauma/drama/etc. First, I had a cracked tooth under a crown. Ungodly pain. Eight advil and 3 vicodin to merely dull the pain pain. I also had various work traumas, one of them partially exacerbated by my weeks of PAIN. Let's just say there's a restocking fee for returning ungodly amounts of legal paper and that Boise Cascade (dba OfficeMax now) deserves bad karma in the worst way because a big chunk of the trauma wasn't my fault! Also, don't ask me to go through the hassle of arranging a meeting and when I send out a confirmed time after much wrangling with various PhD's, tell me, "Oh, I can't do the time I asked you to arrange the meeting for. How 'bout next week?" AAARRRGGG!!!

Sigh. My mouse has been charging while I've been writing this. I figured writing here would be a grand mouse-free activity. Did I mention my boss is leaving tomorrow for three weeks? Off to Australia for a huge scientific meeting and then to Sweden for a wedding. Bye-bye bossman! May your Blackberry fall into the ocean and you get stuck in Heathrow for hours on end on the way back! :P

The thought of sticking a travel-sized shampoo in his briefcase is alluring.

Ooooh, I'm extra mean today. Mean, mean, mean. I try to be nice and often I am nice. I don't act or say mean things usually, but my internal commentary could scorch the paint of a fire truck sometimes. But, I'll usually have a smile on my face anyways. :)

Okay, I want my mouse back now. Ciao.

It's gotta exist

Granted, I have been indoctrinated by my blessed feline overlords my entire life, but I honestly cannot think of a puppy site off the top of my head. Sure, Cute Overload has puppies, but it isn't primarly a puppy site.

Off the top of my head, I thought of these:
Kitten War
Cats in Sinks
Stuff on My Cat
My Cat Hates You
Daily Kitten

Not to mention kittypix, kittenbreak...

So, what are the big puppy sites? Are they as popular as kitten sites? I probably should be asking Gizzie this.