September 20th, 2006

Dread Pirate Wesley

Fanfic Summary of the Day

Yeah, yeah. I thought Doctor Who fanfic would be a short phase in my fanfic reading, but no. Still reading. It certainly has been making up for the drying up of the Trip/T'Pol fanfic (ST:Ent). Why is it that bad to mediocre writers are the most prolific? It was true of XF. T/T has TLR as their resident mediocre, but prolific author. And how irritating is it that the decent authors can't be bothered to finish a fanfic? VERY! Lord knows T/T fanfic has SCADS of those--Ludjin, Nikitee, Quills, and many more! Woe.

Back to Doctor Who...
I still prefer Ten/Rose over Nine/Rose, but I'll read both. Even better is that the evil shippers (and aren't all shippers evil?) are now pairing Rose with Eight and other Doctors. I'm oddly attracted to Eight/Rose, so I'm not complaining. However, I have no desire to see any version of the Doctor before Five paired with anyone. So alas, I'm never going to read Four/Sarah Jane. And don't even talk to me about the Three/Jamie slash fic I saw this morning. That ain't sexy to me. Though I have read a couple Ten/Sarah Jane fics. Heh.

Ahh, back to the original purpose of this entry. A Teaspoon and an Open Mind is the Gossamer of DW fic. Only, it's automated with eFiction. This is probably a good way to manage a busy archive, but the problem is that authors think they ought to update you about their life in the summary section. Really, I don't care why it has taken so long for this ever-so-precious chapter. Of course, I notice the main culprits are authors I probably don't want to read anyhow. See below for a "fanfic summary".

Rose's twenty-First birthday is approaching...

Sorry the last chappie took so long folks. It's not very interesting and nothing much happens in it (well...) but I got hard exams cummin up, and the homework is unbelievable. I dont normally moan, but i have violin lessons to attend and the school play after school, so there was hardly anytime left to write this. But here it is!

LOL. She has HARD exams CUMMIN up? I wish I could believe she was joshing with us here. The rest of the life update makes her chapter seem like a must read, eh? *eyeroll* Also, I've finally gotten to an age when discussion of pre-college classes makes me cringe inside. It shouldn't because some teenagers are great authors. But then the good ones don't tell you they wrote something in five minutes during study hall.

And for the record? The word "chappie" must DIE, DIE, DIE!!1!1!!

*ahem* Carry on.