October 3rd, 2006

Lady Gaga by Jordana


My birthday weekend is officially over. I turned 36 as of Monday, October 2. Took yesterday off, and now I'm back to work. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Y'all helped make this a very wonderful weekend, even if I have waiting 'till Tuesday to say anything.

Saturday - Got my hair highlighted & lowlighted with red. Got my nails done. Visited Mommie Dearest and she gave me baklava and a gift certificate.

Sunday - Went out with the girls and camped out at a table in La Madeleine for hours. Got Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, candles, very dark chocolate, picture frames and potpourri.

Monday (actual birthday) - went out to lunch with Cliff at PF Changs and then went and saw the movie Fearless with Jet Li. Finished off with a trip to Cold Stone. The movie was good, but I'm beginning to think that ice cream from Cold Stone is just too sweet. I get the smallest size and suffer sweet fatigue before I finish the cup. I think Marble Slab may have the better ice cream.
Bugs - stop steaming up my tail!

Gay Rights

I hate chain letter type things. Do blah, blah or you'll a)die b)gain weight c)have terrible luck and now d)be perceived as a bigot. I shouldn't let a meme make me feel like a bigot for not replying, but here I am acting a fool by letting myself feel the need to type Gay Rights into my subject field. Yes, homosexuals should be allowed to marry, enjoy all the legal rights a spouse enjoys, have families, next of kin rights, and all those lovely things.

You are under no obligation to write anything in your journal. I'm not singling out the folks in my flist for doing the Gay Rights meme. I just detest how it's written in such a way that if you do not do the meme, then you're a lowlife bigot that probably thinks that gay is ick or some nonsense.
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