November 17th, 2006

Daffy - Aiyee! by binah1013

On being sick and getting more babies...

I've been pretty quiet lately because I'm suffering yet another cold. As a generally healthy person, this autumn of illness is really getting on my nerves. Though with my bout of illness in October, I think it may have been walking pneumonia. Cliff had mentioned the possibility, so I googled it. I was a bit surprised to have seen waaay too many similar symptoms.

I barely get over the weeks-old chest-hurting cough, when I come down with something else this week. I went to bed last night as soon as I got home (6pm) and slept fairly solidly until this morning. Dayquil has been making my life better. The congestion is awful, and I'm getting sinus pains. I've never had those before. It's weird to blow your nose and feel bizarre pressure in your face. Me no likey!

We might be acquiring a couple of kitties tonight. I'm not sure. Cliff emailed me to let me know a co-worker needs to give away a couple of 8-month old grey sister kitties. His wife is pregnant, and their doctor recommended that they give away the kitties. The girls are named Penelope and Lulu. They're polydactyl (6 digits per paw), fixed, but have their claws. Supposedly they're "strictly indoors", but if they become ours, I'd let them have the same freedom as Jack. Namely, they could roam the backyard during daylight and when we're home. That's pretty safe. We have high fences.

I'm a little bit surprised that Cliff would consider taking on TWO more babies. We did dicuss that if we were to add another kitty to the family, we should do it while Jack is still young and not an old crotchety man-cat set in his ways.

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