December 7th, 2006

Lady Gaga by Jordana

Whine, whine, whine

This has been the autumn of sickly health. As I'm not a perpetually ill person, this is really putting me in a foul mood. This week has been the first week I've felt (mostly) well since October. I still was kinda having sinus/nose issues this week, but my energy level was good.

But today, I've been feeling clammy and tired again. AARRGG! And to top it off, I get a visual migraine today. I don't get the full blown headache afterwards, but I always feel wiped out and a little achy behind my eyes.

Anyways, that's why I've been so quiet. I'm going to write about my high school friend Jeff dying last week, but not now.

Random notes:

ANTM - Yay for Caridee. Of the final 3, the girl I wanted to win did. Yay! She'll probably do better on the Cover Girl commercials than "Dani". Danielle should be seen but NOT heard.

Torchwood - The last two eps were better, particularly the "They Keep Killing Suzie" episode. Maybe they can take turns and kill Gwen, Tosh and Owen a few times. Kinda a shame that Suzie seems more interesting than any of them.

Inside Man, starring Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster is a good movie. Put it on your Netflix/Blockbuster queue.

Finally, I've got some kitty movies and pictures that I'll have to get up the energy to put online. Jack has gotten used to the girls (Lulu & Penelope). He even let Lulu clean him last Sunday. Cliff and I were shocked. Jack has gone from kitty mental breakdown to "I like my new playmates!"