December 15th, 2006

Lady Gaga by Jordana

The Silver Lining and The Bitter End

One advantage to being under the weather for an extended time is weight loss. I do not own a scale, for I see no need to torture myself with such a device, but my clothes are loose. Even the formerly tight ones. I can't say this displeases me. I wish I could lose the congestion, fatigue and clamminess and retain the reduced appetite.

I can't say I'm unmedicated, but this is a good day health-wise. I took some Dayquil this morning and about a couple of hours ago I took ibuprofen. My energy level is good, which is a high point for this week. I'm feeling a bit superstitious, so I'll stop talking about this before I jinx myself.

The rest of my entry is going to be about an old friend that recently died. I knew him for about 20 years. Feel free to skip, if you like.

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