January 8th, 2007


Gmail & wage bitching, sorta...

Oh Gmail, why can't I access you now? On my personalized Google homepage, I can see the preview. Yet, when I click either Gmail or Inbox, the page loads to an empty page. Woe!

I wanted to write an email to a Yahoo group of friends, but I can't access the page from work because I would have to click an "this group contains adult content" page. Once I click that disclaimer button, I get a big ole warning page that "this is a filtered website" from my employer.

Whenever that "filtered website" warning pops up, I have a little heart attack. It's happened a handful of times over the last 7 years or so, and it freaks me out every time. I've never had anyone give me a talk about it, but still, don't like it!

So, since I feel the need to bitch, I shall do it here.

Okie dokie. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been much discussion of the minimum wage increase planned by the democrats. Not a problem. My problem lies in what people on teh interwebs are referring to as subsistence wages or even just okay wages. I suspect that these folks, primarily on NRO and Salon are influenced by New York and San Francisco and I'm influenced by the much cheaper living standard of Houston.

One NRO pundit, talking about capital gains taxes said "Using $150K as a threshold means a school teacher and a cop. Not exactly rich people." Teachers and cops are averaging $75K? My mother is a special ed teacher and probably has an average number of years under her belt and isn't in that ballpark.

And I think some Salon writer referred to $16 as subsistence wages. Oookay. I'd agree that $16/hr isn't a king's ransom, but subsistence wages? At least in Houston, that is enough to support oneself. Luckily I'm not making "subsistence" wages, but I ain't making the okay teacher money either (at least according to NRO). And neither is my teacher mother. Huh.