May 15th, 2007

Daffy - Aiyee! by binah1013

For Katie and Hank

Recently I got screwed by Photobucket and never shall I trust them again. They lost all my images and told me my account was "hacked". I suspect "hacked" now means, "Uhh, our server crashed and we lost your stuff. We'd like to blame some anonymous hacker. Please don't hate us!"

Grrr. Have I mentioned their support is slow and unresponsive? Extra grr.

Anyway, I uploaded my pics to Google's Picasa Web. My album is here.

My friend katiem00 asked me if I had ever posted any images from Picasa Web to my LJ. She told me that she had troubles and now relied on Flickr for her image posting needs. I uploaded pics to Picasa Web because I wanted my kitties back online and I didn't have to sign up for anything. Yay for a Google account, eh?

So, I'm going to try to post pics from my Picasa Web account here to see if I also have troubles. I hope not. The pics of my recently acquired Mah Jongg set are being posted for bs0d. He has a fabulous quality set made of bamboo and ivory. Mine is a much cheaper modern knock-off of the style of his. Not to say mine sucks, but it isn't in the same class as his set.

Now for the pics.

Edited to add: Okay the pics worked for a bit then disappeared when I refreshed. Therefore I'm going to try to link you to the album behind the cut. I begin to see the problem that katiem00 had.

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