June 22nd, 2007

Stupidity with Carlin by elusive_truth

Saints preserve me

I'm settling in here at my new job. I cannot contact the person in the position before me, but I'm doing fine. My replacement in my old job has my number and uses it frequently. Seems a bit unfair really, but it seems that's my lot in life. The curse of the oldest child?

I've been receiving a number of calls from creditors for my predecessor. That's an uncomfortable slice of fun. :P I call them all back to let them know she's not here anymore. Those calls can stop anytime. I used to get them for me long ago, but I cleaned up my credit and I don't need somebody else's harassment.

On the other side, my replacement is a highly nervous woman who gets bogged down in such small minutia that I don't understand how she gets anything done. We had two separate conversations regarding time zones. Yes, time zones! You'd think the woman had never looked at a map before! Oh, and lets not even touch the currency conversion discussion I just had with her. I think that job is going to broaden her horizons.

The woman will call me about the smallest issues. Where should I file this? Etc. I went and visited over there last week, and that office set up stuff for her that I've requested forever. Not to mention, they gave my old position a promotion when I left. That's a pisser.
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