September 19th, 2007

Capt Jack Sparrow

Do what you want for a pirate is free...

When I first went to this site, I was like, "How did they know I have Limewire?" I'm such a dork. You will need sound for this.

In other personal news, I've started walking in the afternoons at work. Our building is perfect for walkers. The building is said to be 1/4 of a mile long, and there's a wide corridor down the length of the building. You see lots of folks in tennis shoes in groups or singly walking at all times of the day.

My office suite is upstairs, just a bit off the center of the building. The parking garage is way off to one side of the building. The mail room is also on that end of the building. So, I was walking approximately a 1/2 mile by just going to work (garage<->office, office<->mail). For this fatass, that was a lot of walking at first. After awhile, I wasn't bothered/irritated by it at all. So, I decided to extend my walk for the mail. At first, it was just taking little cross corridors to extend the walk a bit. Now I'm walking for a solid 30-40 minutes. Last week, I know it was 30 minutes. Today, I'm pretty sure it was 40 minutes. Luckily nobody seems to mind me disappearing for 30+ minutes when I'm getting the mail. But then again, I know a couple of co-workers that go walking together. So I was pretty sure no one would mind.

This last weekend, we even pulled out our little $99 treadmill that actually works very well. The belt has a flywheel rather than an electric motor. Penelope was fascinated by the treadmill. She swatted it until she figured out it couldn't hurt her. Then she tried biting the belt and finally walked with me on it like Jack used to do. Jack watched her for awhile and when Penelope ran off, he came down off the couch and tried biting the treadmill, too. Silly kitties. Lulu watched me, Penelope and Jack for awhile. She decided it was all boring and walked off.

I think I've been inspired lately because I think I've gained back nearly all the weight I lost over the winter with the 1-2 punch of walking pneumonia and sinus infection. That killed my appetite from early November to mid-January. Heck, my sense of smell didn't return until March. Alas, my appetite is so very, very back. So, walking.