September 28th, 2007

Lady Gaga by Jordana


I'm oddly ill at ease today. My right side, primarily from my arm to my knee is slightly numb. I thought I just slept on it wrong, but it's mid-morning and numbness persists. I'm actually cold at my office today. I'm hardly ever cold. I'm always the warm one with warm hands. I'm actually kinda wishing I picked out the mock turtleneck I passed over to wear this morning. And to top it off, I had an oddish conversation with my boss. Oh, and I broke a nail today.

Perhaps I should take a walk. Or go look at kittehs online. Kittehs make the world brighter.

In other inconsequential news, I've noticed the Beta Customize Area option on LJ. I'd love to go play with it, but one major thing holds me back. I happen to like my current layout and the Havaianas styles don't seem to be available anymore on the layout options. Didn't LJ used to have an option to save styles? I've been too lazy and uninspired to get creative with my layout. I joined premade_ljs because I visited a very cool looking journal. But it seems the layout I liked best was the one I saw.

Sigh. It's just that sort of day.
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