January 2nd, 2008

Joanie by hermionesparkle

Happy New Year

I don't seem to be inspired to post when I'm off. Now I'm at work, I feel like writing. Imagine that.

I had a lovely Xmas and New Years. Quiet and low stress. We had dim sum at Kim Son Restaurant for Xmas. We got a terabyte drive and finished replacing the rest of the faucets in the house. We watched a ton of classic Doctor Who. I thought Turlough was more interesting than Tegan and Nyssa combined. And Five lacked charisma. Though, I thought Peri would have been an interesting companion for Five. They had chemistry. We watched some Seven with Ace. They're a good combo, but sometimes Ace doesn't live up to her rep. I like Ace, but she just isn't the super companion some make her out to be.

I'm a bit disappointed that my speech has seemed to hit a plateau. I had to do a lot of handwriting during my first week at work before Xmas, and it improved my writing noticeably. My speech lags and it frustrates me a bit. In the scheme of things, my speech is the most visible (so to speak). Nobody would take note of my writing, and my walking is fine. Is that Murphy's Law in action?

We have a new person in our department. I gave her a tour and abused her with my speech. I've been running around getting things set up for her. That reminds me, I need to change her work number in SAP. Things to do...