January 3rd, 2008

FSM by Binah


Everyone else seems to talk about their faith, so it's my turn.
I saw a bumper sticker that amused me. It read...

I don't know, and neither do you!

I don't think I know any militant agnostics, but militant atheists? Ahh, I StumbleUpon them frequently. I chose "atheism/agnosticism" as one of interests on StumbleUpon. Agnostics always get lumped with atheists. Some of my stumbles hit very interesting things, but then others are typical insult stuff. No better than the fundies they mock. Though, I'd admit I laughed at the one referring to Jesus as a zombie. I play the Zombie app on Facebook, and I'd imagine if Zombie Jesus was a level I could reach, it would kick ass. Or do something disappointing like bring my Zombie army back to life. Blah!

In one of my stumbles, I watched an interview with the famous atheist Richard Dawkins (who btw is married to Lalla Ward, who was Romana II in Doctor Who). It was refreshing to listen to someone who didn't mince around the subject and didn't apologize. Though, when it got down to it, Dawkins admitted that his position was agnostic. That kinda irritated me, but only in the sense that he is mislabeled and accepts it. Dawkins wants to be confrontational and I understand why. He wants conversation and for people to think. People of no faith suffer just as much intolerance as some faithful claim. Maybe more if you count people trying to convert you. And somehow, he feels being called atheist is the way to go. Too bad.

Agnosticism is somehow considered wimpy by believers and atheists. I guess everyone thinks you're hedging your bets. Too gray for the black and white argument. Not at all. Believing there is absolutely nothing beyond without a doubt is just as illogical as literally believing in Eden or Noah's Ark or Zeus' hijinks. No evidence is no evidence. And while I find current popular religions thoroughly unconvincing, maybe there is some spiritual something else. Or maybe not.

In the hospital for the stroke, I didn't even think of praying to or cursing a god. Deities didn't cross my mind, except for when a nice couple we met wanted to pray for my recovery late in my stay. I was a bit proud that my lack of belief didn't waver. Didn't even think to waver. When I was in ICU, Cliff turned away a priest from visiting me. I found out afterwards and I was glad because I was in no mood to be humoring a well-intentioned sincere person. That would have brought me no comfort. Not knowing is okay with me.

Well, I've blathered on enough for now.

Congrats Barack Obama!

Projections on the Iowa caucuses predict Barack Obama as the winner, with Edwards and Clinton close behind.

I actually like all three, but I admit I favored Obama.

Oh yeah, and Huckabee won on the Republican side. Last I looked, Romney and Thompson trailed quite a bit.