January 4th, 2008

Going into my hole and never coming out


I had an MRI this morning. It is my second, the first having been in the hospital. I don't recommend the experience. Feels like you are the creamy filling of your casket cookie. I never thought I was claustrophobic, but damn if an MRI will make you feel that way.

The first time in the hospital, I freaked when I was first put in there. The tech had put rolled up towels all around my head and covered me up. I was basically immobile. It took less than 10 seconds for me to realize that I could not do it and crawled out. I'm sure I emitted sounds of distress. The techs took the towels away and I demanded that my feet be uncovered. Only then could I stand it. Afterwards, the techs said they thought they were going to have to sedate me. I wish I knew sedation was an option. I would have kicked up even more of a fuss. The hell with being brave.

I didn't know I should have asked my neurologist to prescribe something before the second MRI. So, I didn't have something to calm me this time either. If ever I have to do MRI again, I'll know to request something. Valium would be nice. BTW, if your curious, Valium reminds me of weed. I only took it once before having my wisdom teeth taken out, but that was my impression.

Even though I've had an MRI before, I got teary-eyed as they prepped me. Thirty minutes in a round noisy coffin that looks like it was designed by stoned Ikea engineers does not appeal. The weird and loud sounds that are like tribal beats and 56K modems on steroids don't bother me so much. However, I appreciate the ear plugs.

Even so, this MRI machine was newer and had a mirror above my eyes tilted so I could look outside the machine. That did help. I still would have appreciated some Valium, but the experience wasn't as bad. Too bad there was weird draft that left me shivering. I wonder if a sense of airflow was deliberate. To reduce claustrophobia, I mean. I was offered blankets, but only accepted a sheet. And to have my feet uncovered.

I hope that I never have to have another MRI. But if so, I know what to do. Demand drugs! Heh.