April 3rd, 2008

font ho

To the Letter Born

From NYT's Campaign Stops blog:

Many designers have waxed admiringly about Barack Obama’s sophisticated typographical design scheme, particularly the consistent use in much of his graphic material of the typeface Gotham, designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. So I called Brian Collins, an expert on branding, to get his thoughts on what this “good design” means for the candidate.


As a font ho, I've appreciated the Obama campaign's typographical and graphic design. It seems I've seen a number of articles comparing the logos of the candidates. Basically, I think it has been an excuse to discuss Obama's design scheme. This article focused more on the font choices, which are overlooked by many.

Wouldn't it be funny/pathetic if a candidate chose Comic Sans?

  McCain for Prez!  
For Realz!

Ain't that slick? For when you don't want anyone to take you seriously, Comic Sans!

Jeez, I had to look up BASIC HTML for tables!

I am lame!