May 19th, 2008

Lady Gaga by Jordana

Yes, I can be such a girl

Have you ever seen anyone in an article of clothing that you own and thought, "Arg, does it look *that* shabby on me?" I went out to lunch yesterday with the girls and saw a fellow diner (or should that be luncher?) and had that unpleasant experience. It was particularly unpleasant because I had planned to wear mine to work the next day. I began to doubt my judgment. :(

For reference sake, it's a gauze empire waist peasant blouse in white. I guess in the picture it looks a bit casual, but I wear slacks and work appropriate shoes and jewelry. I've gotten compliments on it. It's comfy, the sleeves look a bit poofier on me and it feels feminine.

I examined myself and blouse carefully in the mirror this morning to either assure myself that I looked better in it or that I should relegate it to play clothes. Luckily, I decided that it didn't look nearly as busted on me as it did on that diner. For one thing, the empire waist hit her across her breasts rather than under. That gave her the most busted points in my book. Maybe if she pulled the blouse down a bit, I wouldn't have been so aghast. Plus, her blouse looked dingy like it wasn't washed in a white load.

Yay! IMHO, I didn't look as busted as that woman! Heh. The blouse remains in my work wardrobe.