May 21st, 2008


Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Lulu

I went out with the girls for a late lunch on Sunday and was gone for 3 hours. I do this nearly every Sunday. When I got back, Cliff told me about a slice of life with Lulu.

Lulu is the bed cat. She sleeps with us for a majority of the night and often joins whichever human happens to be taking a nap. She even lays her head and shoulders on the pillows between us. And sometimes, she's a bed hog. She's a total entitlement queen so that's no surprise. It's all about her, dontcha know.

Anyway, on to Cliff's tale. He was feeling ready for a nap Sunday afternoon, so he went looking for Lulu. He couldn't find her anywhere in the house, so he looked in the backyard. There she was, snoozing next to the fence line in the sun.

Cliff called out to her, "Lulu, I'm going to take a nap. Come on, baby. Aren't you going to join me?" Lulu opened a sleepy eye, but did not move to get up. Disappointed, Cliff went to bed without her. Lulu hates being picked up, so physically getting her wouldn't work.

Five minutes later, Lulu took her rightful place in the middle of the bed, dirty paws and all. Awww! Cliff didn't realize she was dusty, but I had to brush off soil and the odd bit of vegetation off the bed that night after he told me.

I really need to make an icon with all my kitties.