June 25th, 2008


Binah, a Harbinger of Death to elderly famous people

HBO did a marathon of George Carlin specials on Wednesday. Of course, I found out about it on Thursday. Bummer.

However, I did see him live this year. Kinda amazing, really. I had never seen him live before and I'm glad that I got the chance. He started out his show on how he waits 3 months to delete dead people from his Outlook contacts. His deceased friends/contacts live a virtual life in his computer then he "kills" them. If he's feeling generous, he might delete them from his contacts and save them in a separate file like a virtual limbo until he feels like "killing" them. The whole bit was funny (and a smidge uncomfortable), since I have had the experience of deleting a deceased contact. I'd bet he lives in many computers and will have a longer virtual life than that.

Speaking of remarkable dead people, I actually saw Carl Sagan speak about his last book, Pale Blue Dot, the year he died. Also, an amazing experience. He really did have a sonorous voice. I could listen to that man for ages.

Granted it's only 2 people, but I seem to catch folks "just in time". Elderly famous people should fear me! Heh.

Both men were agnostic/atheists and brilliant people. I admire them both and this world is poorer without them.