August 31st, 2008


Penelope - Most Likely to Survive in the Wild

This morning the cats (or I should say Jack and Penelope) brought a lizard in the house. It was a small one. Cliff was all, "I'm not going to fight Penelope for it. I'll just wait 'till she's done." Heck, even Jack wasn't fighting too hard for it.

I grumbled a little bit, but acquiesced. It's kind of hard to feel for lizards after the first 20 the cats dragged in. I went back to the computer and Cliff watched Penelope play.

The lizard disappeared for a bit. Then Cliff said, "There it is! Oh wait, that's a different one." As long as Cliff disposes of the little lizard corpses, I don't care. Husbands are in charge of bug and lizard disposal.

Then I hear Cliff go, "Oh! Ew. At least I know where the first one went."


I tried again. "Penelope's not eating them, is she?"

Cliff looks at me. "I wasn't going to tell you."

Alarmed, I said,"She's gonna get sick!"

"Do you really think this is the first time she's eaten one?"

I pondered that. Then I decided to post about it in lieu of pondering it further.