October 21st, 2008

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Oct. 21 - A personal anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of my stroke. Whee. Still, not a bad excuse for reflection.

How am I doing? The stroke affected my right side. My leg is 100% back. My handwriting is back, too. My signature is only slightly less neat. My speech is pretty much back to normal. Only occasionally do I note some sloppiness in my speech or have to consciously work to enunciate. When I'm tired, my tongue gets lazy. I should ask Cliff if he can still hear the stroke in my voice. After it became unnoticeable to others (but not to me), Cliff could still hear it. Me, I could feel it. But even I don't feel it a majority of the time.

I asked Cliff. He says rarely, but it comes to his attention more when I correct it.

One kinda creepy/paranoid thing I've done this year a few times is if I've been quiet for awhile, I'll speak just to prove to myself I can. My stroke was painless and I discovered it when I tried and failed to talk. The reason why it was caught so fast is that I was making dinner and Cliff was in the kitchen. I shudder to think how bad it might have been if it struck when I was asleep or even watching a good movie.

BTW, Cliff told me not to have a stroke while making dinner tonight. ;D

I really feel that my near (99.997%) complete recovery is that Cliff got me to the hospital as fast as possible and had no wait in the emergency room. Seriously, the nurses didn't mess around and took me back right away. I received the clot busting drug, t-PA, about 3 hours after the onset of symptoms. If you have to have a stroke, those are the circumstances to have.

People tell me stroke stories now. Some of these stories involve people around my age. I wince when I hear that the person involved didn't get to the hospital the same day.

In the hospital, the doctors told me I was pre-diabetic. I switched to a low carb diet and got serious about my walking. I'm not thin, but I went down two sizes. I'm kinda hoping to lose a little more, but we'll see.

So that is the state of the nation, so to speak. I have to have another MRI in January. This time, I'm demanding drugs to ease my time in that little coffin. *shiver* I'm supposed to see my cardiologist once a year now. The side effect of Plavix (blood thinner) don't seem so bad anymore. My blood sugar is fine. Unless my neurologist officially diagnoses some problem at some point, I'm doing fine.
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