October 27th, 2008


Weekend: Boyshorts and Wii

I went shopping for underthings over the weekend. I desperately needed bras. I ended up also getting underwear for one of those 5 for $25 deals. I tend to experiment with underwear styles with deals like that. I chose 2 boyshorts as part of my 5.

Boyshorts always looks so sexy and cute when you see them in advertisements. Even just picking them up, they look cute. On my fat ass, they look neither sexy nor cute. However, they seem to eliminate visible panty lines. It struck me that they are like boxers for woman with their lack of elastic around the legs. However, I'm guessing boyshorts have a higher risk of wedgies.

*~(insert witty segue here)~*

So, my sister bought me a Wii as a birthday/x-mas gift. It's lots of fun and we've bought the Zelda game for Wii and Mario Kart. However, it comes with a nifty game: Wii Sports. I had Kim and Lynda over Sunday and I planned lunch and Wii bowling. Lynda doesn't have a computer and doesn't usually play video games, but I felt that Wii bowling was close enough to the real experience that she could take to it.

Lynda beat my high score on her very first game! I battled back to new high, and fun was had by all. Kim bought a Wii (and Wii Fit), so I'm sure we'll check it out when it's her turn to host. Whee!

When I was bowling, Lynda asked me if I had lost weight. I mean extra weight, not the 20+ I already said I did. She tends to remark about my weight loss, even though I've hit a plateau for awhile now. I figured I'd weigh myself at work, since I haven't for about 2-3 weeks. I've lost 1 pound. She did not notice 1 measly pound! I'm convinced that I grow in people's memory.