November 4th, 2008


Voting and Underwear

As I was getting dressed, I realized I was going to wear all blue. So I made a point of picking blue undergarments. I said to Cliff that I was going true blue to vote democratic. He replied back that he was wearing red undershorts for McCain and that he planned to fart a lot today.

We are a classy pair.

Cliff and I voted this morning. We left the house at 7:30am and there was not a long line at the polling place. However, we were told we just missed the crowd. Still, either early voting was more of hit in Texas or a big chunk are going to vote tonight. Or, Texans are just not that into this election. I'm thinking it's early voting. I know loads of people who voted early.

If all goes well, hopefully we'll welcome President-Elect Barack Obama relatively early this evening. I think we'll have a good idea who the next president is before the joint The Daily Show / The Colbert Report live broadcast tonight. May Colbert be inconsolable. :)


So fucking happy! I knew Obama was going to win when they called Ohio, but it was icing on the cake to have Virginia put him over the top. So very wow.

Also, McCain's concession speech was pure class. I could be cynical and say he's was trying to redeem himself, but it didn't *feel* that way.