December 23rd, 2008


Little Black Kitty Update - Sasha!

Well, as Facebook and Twitter friends know, we've brought the kitty inside and intend to keep her. Jack is being a total drama llama about it. But evidently he's a big bluffer and Sasha (the name we gave to her) is not a nervous wilting flower like Penelope. Jack acted like an abused spouse last night, skulking and cringing and hiding. He's hissing at everybody, including Cliff and his girlfriend Lulu. Jack doesn't have any scratch marks, but he has been chased by Sasha. We yell at Sasha whenever we catch such behavior. Keep in mind that Sasha is half Jack's size.

Cliff is convinced that Jack doesn't have very good vision. He's actually had this theory for awhile, but I haven't really seen signs of it up to now. Per the theory, he can't tell if Sasha is in a room which accounts for his defensive posture when he enters and explains his hiding in "safe" rooms/areas. It also accounts for him hissing at everything that moves. The sisters just watch her closely whenever she's in the same area.

Cliff and Jack have a serious bromance going on, so Cliff is feeling very sorry for Jack. Jack was all tensed up, so Cliff was. I could tell last night that he was thinking that Sasha would have to go. But I used his logic when he was defending Jack (no scratches marks) when the shoe was on the other foot and Jack was terrorizing Penelope.

So yeah, there's lots of cat drama in the house. But Sasha is a sweet kitty. She's affectionate and will hang out on the couch next to humans. She seems to like to held and likes to lay on human chests while they're at the computer or watching TV. Cliff has always wanted a lap cat, but has been denied with Jack, Lulu and Penelope. Sasha has charmed Cliff, too.
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I took some pictures of Sasha, but it wasn't easy. She isn't a natural ham like Jack. She doesn't conveniently turn to the camera when urged. Even snapping doesn't get her attention. I had to take a lot of useless pictures to get a few decent ones.

Sasha looks sad and scared in this photo, but I assure you it didn't reflect her mood.
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Sasha can be elegant.
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