August 4th, 2009

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Living in the Digital Age

I just received a photocopied memorandum in inter-institutional mail. The memo is to our department head from the Chair of another department. It's not an aged document as it's dated July 30 and meant to relay current status. Others are cc'd on it, yet we get a copy and not the original. o_O I might suspect sending out the copy was a mistake, but this is the second time they've done it. Even *if* they're using photocopies of their letterhead for memos, the signature is clearly photocopied.

Ignoring that glaring piece of wtf, why the hell would they send a paper copy of routine communication through inter-institutional mail? Is email too newfangled for them? Faxing too fast? I'm surprised the memo wasn't composed on a typewriter. Though, it's clear that the table in the memo was made using TABS (and dashes for lines) in an inexpert manner.

I asked my boss how old the Chair and his assistant were. Were they in their 80's? Were they stuck in a pre-2000 time period and communicating from the past? Unfortunately, my boss didn't know.