December 31st, 2009

Picard-Make it so

Nobody is gonna care, but...

Well, I finally saw the latest Star Trek movie. I had negative feelings about the project and especially with the concept of everybody in Starfleet Academy at the same time. I realize the old producers weren't up to the task any more, but I hadn't liked what I was hearing about the movie. Maybe I was also afraid that JJ Abrams was going to do a great job with a lame concept.

The movie was lol-worthy and dumb fun in popcorn-Independence Day-way. It was like they made an sci-fi action movie and used the Star Trek stuff as props. Cliff and I counted the canon errors almost from the start. One of Kirk's famous lines from one of the earlier movies (IV) was that he was "...born in Iowa. I only work in space." Five minutes into it, and the movie broke with canon and kept going. Considering how the film went, JJ Abrams was looking to dump canon and do his own thing. The movie definitely wasn't for trekkers/trekkies.

I realize now that my criticism of it being Star Trek 90210 was totally on target. And somehow, the ridiculousness of it freed me to enjoy it while mocking it. I couldn't take the movie seriously. I'm suppose I'm no longer a trekkie. I'll always love Deep Space Nine, but the rest? I guess my fannishness has died.

I will say Zachary Quinto made an *excellent* Spock, even if the Spock/Uhura romance was totally ridic and unnecessary. I kinda wish the movie was worthy of his performance. The movie was fun, but like I said, it was dumb fun.