April 30th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 15:08:15: My dermatologist's office staff are a real amateur show. Of course, my neurologist's office staff are only slightly better. GRR!
  • 15:32:55: How nice! Lady Gaga makes the 2010 Time's 100 Most Influential People & Cyndi Lauper writes the article on her page. http://bit.ly/dbnko7
  • 19:35:14: I lol'd at this thread. Ah, the power of bacon! http://bit.ly/aV05my
  • 19:37:49: RT @juliansmithtv: Best quote ever. "And then God created Saturn and he liked it... so he put a ring on it."

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