June 25th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 06-24-2010

  • 07:37:28: I have a new 2nd cousin! My cousin Cindy gave birth to girl named Sadie last night.
  • 08:24:03: @manakatie Heh. There's probably folks on FB correcting me as we speak! :D
  • 12:05:48: I have a headache and I'm out of Advil! I think I'll be in a bad mood for awhile. :(
  • 12:07:31: @rockeye Nice #fancyhat. I'm imagining a light suit to go with the hat.
  • 12:35:54: I found someone to hook me up! Advil is the stuff!
  • 12:41:44: @Principia Yuck! Hopefully you have a desk fan. Mine is always running.
  • 13:44:02: . @rockeye I support the #nancyblack tag. Her evil knows no bounds.
  • 13:46:07: @rockeye I'd also like to add #gizzie and #boondoggler to the twitter lexicon.
  • 13:48:25: Would you say that #nancyblack is Cthulhu of humanity?
  • 22:34:35: Did I ever tell y'all that I work in an old Nabisco cookie factory building that has been converted into office space?

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