July 1st, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 06-30-2010

  • 08:07:11: Hurricane Alex is hitting the Tex/Mex border today. We get higher tides & a bit of rain, but oil cleanup get a 5-day holiday weekend. :(
  • 08:10:16: Being in Houston is kinda odd in relation to the oil spill. We're as close as one can get and still not get the oil.
  • 08:14:46: @rockeye As I don't like coleslaw, making sandwiches of it sounds ghastly. I don't care how much pulled pork you put on it.
  • 08:18:10: @KittenFlower Pink seems like she'd be an interesting person to know. Besides that, I like her music.
  • 09:57:59: Saw the Percy Jackson film last night. I saw why it wasn't a big hit, but it had flashes of brilliance between bits of self-sabotage.

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