July 25th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 08:59:14: I think the vocals are taken entirely from the animated Alice in Wonderland. Pogo - Alice http://youtu.be/TQuqeLBTetA
  • 10:17:49: @booniecakes Are you using #oldspice?
  • 18:49:52: Saw Salt today. It was fun. Well, I say fun b/c the good car chases & whatnot, but Evelyn Salt didn't have a fun time.
  • 19:19:42: I say to Cliff, "Let's shoot for 8pm, but remember, I have bad guy aim." He replies, "I know. I've been married to you for awhile."
  • 21:59:57: I am reading you on my new 27" HD monitor. You've never looked so good.
  • 22:14:42: I don't think I can take anyone seriously who uses 'amazeballs' unironically.

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