September 22nd, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 09-21-2010

  • 09:05:23: I feel very thwarted this morning.
  • 11:33:30: Rainy day. We're getting the dregs of yet another Mexico hurricane. Karl, I think?
  • 12:24:33: RT: @JohnFugelsang: Somewhere in Hell, Hitler is furious at these Tea Partiers for painting his mustache on a black man.
  • 14:42:22: @totallytanu Awww. That was sweet and cool.
  • 17:05:33: @justtjb Doesn't @ladygaga know only conservative celebrities are allowed to express beliefs & opinions? Sheesh!
  • 20:58:59: @manakatie Whoo hoo!
  • 21:18:28: @teapotgirl I'm tweeting in bed! :D
  • 21:26:31: Watching The Daily Show in bed, tweeting.

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