October 30th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 07:51:00: I've had morning like that. RT @darthvader: You have failed me for the last time, snooze button.
  • 09:54:51: Morale building: Institution president says "rightsizing" is ALMOST over. Most were already let go, but some will go next month. :/
  • 09:57:14: @binah1013 I guess we don't want to let people feel too comfortable. Gotta stay on our toes! :P
  • 10:01:49: @omnisceint :) Too bad I can't have any! And thanks for making it seem like we have a spotless kitchen! ;D
  • 10:13:25: @totallytanu Probably! ;D
  • 10:39:58: @omnisceint Never, my love. <3 <3
  • 14:21:49: @Branz I thought you decided to name him Felix?

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