November 5th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 11-04-2010

  • 07:53:25: Honestly, Bill White can just hush on FB. He's depressing me. You didn't win the govenorship & I don't want to hear about your bike rides.
  • 08:29:54: I don't much care for the revamping of the Google News widget on the iGoogle page.
  • 10:35:00: My calves are being whiny bitches on my walks despite the lovely weather outside. Calves, how much stretching do you want?!?!
  • 10:35:39: @hawtspot Happy Birthday!
  • 10:37:03: @binah1013 Though, given the choice between whiny calves and plantar fasciitis, I'll take whiny calves any day.
  • 12:44:27: RT: @tpmmedia: All 95 Candidates Who Pledged Support For Net Neutrality Lost On Tuesday
  • 19:36:19: @totallytanu What was the name of that song we talked about? The one from your class? I wanted to find it again.

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