November 8th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 11-07-2010

  • 09:34:14: @Juzzash Those are beautiful images. Lovely scenery. I've been enjoying your picspam.
  • 09:35:47: @rockeye Fall foliage is one thing we don't have here. Beautiful.
  • 09:36:47: @rockeye Pumps have got to mean something different over there. If you're gonna wear pumps, we can never call you a #badgay ever again.
  • 09:43:33: @rockeye I've been up to Pennsylvania during Fall foliage. Such beauty. BTW, I love that photo set.
  • 09:44:14: @rockeye Now that reminds me of the 10th Doctor. :D
  • 21:59:37: RT @hodgman: Re: television advertising: Any parent who cares about what their hipster 8 year old thinks is cool DESERVES to drive a hig ...

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