December 4th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 12-03-2010

  • 15:12:38: I had a productive week, but I'm so glad it's almost done.
  • 15:16:09: I downloaded Launcher Pro for my Droid. It's making me set up my homescreens from scratch. I shouldn't have got it while still at work.
  • 15:24:11: Well, I can put off setting up the homescreens & revert to my old setup. Tho, when I came back from my walk, it had gone back to LP.
  • 15:26:49: It seems to be staying on the old setup. :)
  • 15:31:26: I'm sure I'll love Launcher Pro once I get it set up. Love the pinch to zoom showing all 7 home screens or however many you want (up to 7).
  • 15:48:44: This is the program I was talking about. Launcher Pro Review for Android on Droid X via @youtube
  • 16:02:05: @manakatie Aww! Poor Bruin.
  • 16:14:55: This is a better link to explain Launcher Pro.
  • 16:31:51: Danica McKellar named her son Draco. :/ That's worse than naming your child Han in 1977.

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