December 17th, 2010

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 09:34:21: Winona Ryder reveals Mel Gibson called Jews 'oven dodgers'. That's a new one to me. I'm beginning to suspect Gibson *might* be an ass.
  • 09:48:11: @cs_chick Snerk. Believe me, we're in complete agreement.
  • 10:00:14: @rockeye For 2.95 or 244.20?
  • 10:58:02: @justtjb :D I was going to joke on whether it was a good deal. Cheap if you're going to pay, I suppose. Though, you get what you pay for. D:
  • 11:54:21: @samanthai Congrats!
  • 12:10:19: @hawtspot "Buttons aren't toys." --Trillian

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