March 12th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 03-11-2011

  • 06:58:46: Oh wow, footage of the Japan tsunami is frighteningly awe inspiring. D:
  • 07:03:05: RT @AnnCurry: Tsunami expected in Los Angeles at 8:45 am WEST coast time. Wake people on the coast to warn them.
  • 11:26:49: @rockeye That makes me wonder what kind of fish have fingers. Fish sticks don't make me wonder as much.
  • 12:15:30: Just completed a 1.95 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 12:34:21: @omnisceint :D
  • 13:27:39: RT @AnnCurry: NBC News producer: Another quake a 6.6,(not an aftershock) rocks the other side of Japan.
  • 13:59:31: I have developed an allergy to either oak or pine pollen or possibly both. Not enjoying this new development.
  • 16:43:01: Just completed a 1.47 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
  • 16:43:12: I seem to have to resend my activities to Runkeeper all the time now. :/

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