March 27th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 03-26-2011

  • 07:58:41: @booniecakes @omnisceint Nice thing about Runkeeper is you can adjust the map, if necessary. His problem wasn't about GPS, but human error.
  • 09:15:42: @booniecakes Yay sun! Though, it's looking like it's nova-ing in that pic! :D
  • 14:26:26: @VLJH Walnuts in the brownies forever and ever. Don't frost the brownie and make the brownie super chewy. I miss brownies.
  • 14:28:14: @VLJH If someone could make or present me with such a brownie, I would break my low carb regime for one.
  • 14:35:57: @callmesasharay Damn! >:(
  • 20:49:43: "Sucker Punch" goes beyond awful, to become commentary on the death of moviemaking
  • 20:54:21: @teapotgirl :)
  • 21:46:02: @manakatie @hawtspot In Houston, we'd go to Magic Island, a dinner and magic show club done in 1920's Egypt/English style.
  • 21:49:23: @manakatie @hawtspot After dinner, there were multiple close up shows in small rooms & one big show w/a stage. The bar area had a psychic.
  • 21:50:45: @manakatie @hawtspot I guess the bar area had 2 psychics, one who read tarot and one that would read your palm.
  • 21:58:55: @Branz So I've been seeing chick tweets, but are you taking them to raise chickens?

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