March 30th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 03-29-2011

  • 10:43:59: Just posted a 1.00 mi walk - So bad, I cut it short. My shoes attacked me, calves were tight & ankles ... #RunKeeper
  • 11:18:49: RT @GEfreedomreport: GE didn't pay no taxes in 2010 - - we just paid them all by Groupon!
  • 11:22:23: @samanthai How'd you get blessed with that? Or are you coworkers evangelizing?
  • 11:53:01: My walking shoes are plotting against me. The hard plastic on the heel is cracked & poking my heel. Yes, the covering fabric is torn. :(
  • 11:53:37: @binah1013 These goddamned shoes are not that old!
  • 14:11:14: @JoKershaw I had a massage like that. I felt bruised the next day. The masseuse must have given you a deep muscle massage.
  • 14:12:18: @JoKershaw Now I'm more vocal if I think a massage is too hard.
  • 14:13:51: @JoKershaw The Adjustment Bureau is almost more a love story than a sci fi story. Damon and Blunt had good chemistry.
  • 14:15:21: @JoKershaw Yeah, I did feel better the day after next, but that feeling of bruising is no joke. You may still feel it tomorrow.
  • 14:16:33: @JoKershaw My husband was disappointed in the lack of action. There's running, but no real eye popping effects.
  • 14:20:22: @JoKershaw I'd give Adjustment Bureau 7-8 out of 10. The love story is strong, but the "Bureau" stuff has some plot holes.
  • 14:21:11: @JoKershaw I wouldn't say it's a movie you really have to concentrate on. It's definitely not Inception.
  • 14:31:14: @JoKershaw It can't be worse than the U.S. popcorn "butter" that's nothing but yellow oil. :P Proper butter and salt on popcorn is good.

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