April 6th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 06:01:06: RT @stephenfry: Well, no surprise there ... http://t.co/9J3b77J (via @KathyLette)
  • 07:29:32: @samanthai What was this horrible dish that your SIL made?
  • 07:46:21: @samanthai I looked at some recipes. It seems simple. How could she much that up? Too greasy?
  • 07:47:45: @samanthai Oops, I meant muck that up. Or does she not have a deft hand with seasoning?
  • 07:49:40: @samanthai Ahh. That's a bit of a overload. Typically, when I try something for the first time, I stick to a recipe or...
  • 07:50:55: @samanthai ...or I blend a couple of recipes that catch my fancy. From then on, I may go freestyle, but only if I have the basics down.
  • 07:55:26: @samanthai So, your brother didn't consult with her during the process? He's a chef? How'd he react?
  • 07:58:32: @samanthai Also, nothing leaves my kitchen without being taste tested. I experiment sometimes, but if I don't like it, in the trash it goes!
  • 11:13:43: Just completed a 2.02 mi walk - Beautiful weather! . http://rnkpr.com/ai9ueu #RunKeeper
  • 11:25:31: Whoo hoo! I've hit 100 miles logged by Runkeeper! I started Runkeeper at the end of January and have recorded 60 walks.
  • 14:37:38: Just posted a 1.57 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! http://rnkpr.com/aiaclj #RunKeeper
  • 14:41:32: @rockeye @samanthai In Houston, we're on the cusp of too hot. :/ When it gets to 83F+, I have to go inside for walks.
  • 14:43:04: @rockeye @samanthai It was a nice 72F this afternoon because of a cold front that came in last night. 2 days from now, all 80's+. :(
  • 14:45:49: @samanthai @rockeye I'm lucky to have a good indoor place to walk at work. The central hall is .25 mi long, w/plenty of stairs & side halls
  • 14:47:17: @samanthai I dread the hot & humid summers. Fall, winter & spring are generally mild and pleasant.

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