April 30th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 05:37:06: @Juzzash Aren't she and Will, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, beyond Prince and Princess?
  • 05:53:20: I woke up too late to catch the wedding live. So I'm watching web clips. Kate looked v nice, not over ruffled like poor Diana.
  • 05:53:50: @Juzzash LOL!
  • 05:59:25: @binah1013 I have to admit that watching the royal wedding via web clips is not nearly as epic as when I was 12 on summer break (cont.)
  • 06:00:30: @binah1013 ...watching all morning and switching to Motel Hell on cable during the slow bits.
  • 07:35:14: @binah1013 Actually, I was not 12. I was still in elementary school for the Charles/Diana wedding. #rethinkingtweetsinthecar
  • 07:41:27: @Juzzash When couples already live together, like Cliff & me, the wedding day is so hectic, you just go to sleep that night. :( #boring
  • 07:45:57: @rockeye I would have been 10, too. For some reason, I thought I was 1-2 yrs older than you. Maybe I'm think of @booniecakes.
  • 07:48:29: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Now that William & Kate are married Prince Harry is next. Seems I won't be the only one chasing after a Harry. Wait ...
  • 08:26:01: @shallowend Her dress is so sleek and lovely. She has such a nice figure w/o looking emaciated.
  • 08:31:31: If Trump really wanted to help the US, he'd buy moar Chinese factories and cause them to file for bankruptcy. #commentoftheday
  • 08:42:21: @ElleryTheJones @rockeye I was surprised considering the disdain for the subject shown.
  • 17:28:48: Just posted a 1.60 mi walk - Indoor walk with Tanu. http://rnkpr.com/ak08p1 #RunKeeper
  • 17:30:52: @manakatie @ElleryTheJones @rockeye Well, Jim has expressed his unappreciation for the royal family a time or two.
  • 17:31:37: @manakatie @ElleryTheJones @rockeye Sorry. Missed the emoticon at the end!
  • 17:46:17: @manakatie @rockeye I hope she does get dubbed Princess Kate. It's kinda a letdown to refer to her as Duchess.
  • 21:47:54: @JoKershaw To be slow to judge?

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