May 12th, 2011

Lady Gaga by Jordana

From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 05:38:35: @Juzzash Get well soon. Flu sucks. :(
  • 10:30:38: Work disasters suck, especially when I share some blame. :(
  • 13:30:10: The comments are very worth it, too. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says - Galactic Empire Times
  • 13:31:26: @binah1013 Work is full of suck today. Wanna go home and forget today.
  • 13:42:45: @rockeye Heh. *Sighing at today* Objectively, the 'disaster' wasn't *that* bad, but the rest of today is not making up for it.
  • 13:49:52: @rockeye That sounds lovely. Maybe I'll think about taking Friday off.
  • 13:52:17: @rockeye Big change? Have I missed something?
  • 13:59:43: @rockeye Ahhh.
  • 14:23:12: @manakatie Did you actually go to Waffle House? Did your waitress have all her teeth?
  • 14:29:30: @manakatie If you have a chance to go, make sure you have cash. They don't accept credit cards.
  • 14:35:09: @rockeye @manakatie I googled Waffle House for trivia and found out employees are paid weekly in cash.
  • 14:36:50: @rockeye @manakatie At least the cooks and servers are. I guess managers get those fancy checks.
  • 14:40:07: @manakatie @rockeye There's nothing wrong with Waffle House food, though. In fact, they're very creative with hash browns.
  • 14:46:32: @manakatie @rockeye A good primer on Waffle House hash browns
  • 14:49:23: One last thing! Know your Waffle House Hashbrown terminology
  • 15:08:54: What's the main source of income for a Waffle House employee?? The Tooth Fairy!
  • 19:29:15: RT @Johngcole: So I'm shopping on, and they asked me where I am shipping. I said WV and the front page changed to Boones Farm ads.

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