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Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night...

Originally, only 2 theatres were going to show F911 in Houston. So, I was prepared to drive in town to see it. However over the last week, AMC Theatres picked it up and so did my local Loews Theatre. So, we got to go to the close 'burbs theatre. Yay!

Our Loews Theatre put it in only one theatre, but they did put it in one of the bigger auditoriums. We went to the 8pm show. Living in Bush country, I didn't think it would draw big crowds. WRONG. There was a big line waiting to enter the theatre.

I'm not sure if Lion's Gate Films saw this as a golden opportunity to pimp its stuff, but I have never seen so many previews before a movie. As someone who generally loves previews, even I got tired of them. Though I gotta say the preview of The Manchurian Candidate was definitely hitting the right crowd. :-)

I enjoyed the movie. I'm going to do my best not to be too spoilery here. I'm just going to hit a few highlights, I'm leaving out a lot of good stuff. I think the best part is that Moore put together the things we've heard/knew together and gave it a cohesive presentation.

I truly didn't think I'd learn anything new, but I did. I didn't realize how much the Bushes are in the Saudi Royal Family and Bin Laden pockets. Lots and lots of $$ going on there.

I knew about Harkin and The Carlyle Group, but I didn't realize the Saudis (I think it was the Bin Laden family in this case) funded Dubya's failed drilling companies which excelled at drilling dry holes. There were connections I didn't know about.

When the movie moves to Iraq, it gets less informative/revelatory and more emotional. I think Moore could have spent some time talking about how the WMD's were bogus and the Saddam/Al Queda link nonsense, but I suppose he considers those givens. He moves on the the realities of an occupation.

There is some tough stuff to watch there. Moore interviewed some of the wounded troops (amputees, etc.) sent home. I've honestly never seen any on the news. I keep saying "Moore interviewed", but mostly he's off camera and lets the subjects speak. It's definitely NOT like in Bowling for Columbine where he's upfront and asking seemingly innocent questions.

In Iraq, troops are interviewed. A common refrain is "We're trying to help these people and they don't appreciate it!" No voiceovers here for the most part. But then, he doesn't need them.

The movie pretty much does deserve its R rating, btw. If you go see it, you'll love the final scene. Our audience broke into applause at the end.

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